Sexy Chicago Bears Fan

chigago bears girlIt says something when you’re willing to wear a thong and a mini jersey to your favorite sports teams events. You either love them enough to help distract the other team or you’re just setting everyone up for failure because you attract so much attention to yourself. (which isn’t a bad thing when you’re looking like that) She could also be the reason why the Bears haven’t been doing so well these past few years.

University of Florida Gators Girl

florida gators girl

March Madness is here and to kick it off we have this gorgeous girl representing UF  with their Gators Bikini. It’s sure to distract the other team from scoring.

NHL Bikini Fans


Here we have some lovely ladies who look like they’re not afraid to get on the ice in only just bikinis.


Sexy Orioles fan

You probably wouldn’t realize that this lovely lass is an Orioles fan – at least if you were actually paying attention to her hat.  Oh yeah, right, the hat.  I love the baseball-themed bikini top, and check out the bling on that bat!

In the grass with a Dolphins fan

What more can I say, other than I’d love to roll around in the grass with this sexy blonde Dolphins fan!

Red Sox fan bikini salute

Personally, I think Red Sox fans are hotter than Yankees fans.  And when you see a picture like this, it’s hard to argue.  I love this young lady’s daisy duke cut-offs, and her red bikini top looks fabulous.  She appears to be saluting, so I’m guessing they’re playing the national anthem right before the start of the game.  The guy behind her is far too busy staring at her butt to stand up and salute as well.

Green Bay Packers bikini fans

A lot of the pundits are saying that Green Bay has a real chance to win the Super Bowl this year.  I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that these Green Bay fans are braver than I am, willing to bear the cold Wisconsin temperatures in bikini tops to show support for their favorite team.

Los Angeles Angels bikini babes

Check out these two lovely young ladies at a LA Angels game.  The cutie pie on the left looks great with her mischievous half-smile, and her ice cold beer.

FIU Golden Panthers fans

These babes are showing their spirit for Florida International University’s Golden Panthers.  They look great in their bikinis, and I’m really thankful they sat in the correct order.  Otherwise, higher learning in Florida could be called into question.

Some hot New Orleans Saints fans

Here we have a lovely young lady with her face buried in her cell phone, an all-too-common site these days.  The redeeming part is the bare-midriff Saints jersey and the black string bikini bottoms she’s wearing.  Geaux Saints!

Here’s one way to wear a jersey.  I’d like to think that simply buying a jersey and putting it on would be easier than this, but not nearly as sexy or fun.