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Miami Heat Hottie

Miami heat girlThis girl right here is on fire. It’s a nice day out and she’s wearing all the right clothes, I’d sure let her win at basketball.

Pittsburg Steelers Babe

SteelersGirlWith the Steelers having won six Super Bowl’s now they are pretty much the type A team, just like this girl here. I mean come on, she’s a hottie EVEN standing in front of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles background.

Texas Ranger Babe

Texas rangers girlTexan girls are by far the best sports fans ever. I mean the picture speaks for itself.

Nebraska Huskers Girl

nebraska huskers girlThis girl seems ready to cheer on her team at the event she’s at. She’s got her foam hand on one hand, tickets in the other, and everything else in between.

Sexy Chicago Bears Fan

chigago bears girlIt says something when you’re willing to wear a thong and a mini jersey to your favorite sports teams events. You either love them enough to help distract the other team or you’re just setting everyone up for failure because you attract so much attention to yourself. (which isn’t a bad thing when you’re looking like that) She could also be the reason why the Bears haven’t been doing so well these past few years.

University of Florida Gators Girl

florida gators girl

March Madness is here and to kick it off we have this gorgeous girl representing UF ¬†with their Gators Bikini. It’s sure to distract the other team from scoring.